How does our operation differ from the traditional ready mix concrete delivery? We invite you to read the following to see just how our unique system satisfies your need for concrete with both a superior product and method of delivery.

The Difference Between Fresh Mix Concrete & Ready Mix Concrete

Why is fresh concrete a superior product?

Concrete is a combination of inert materials (sand and rock), and a paste comprised of cement and water which changes into a solid binder as a result of chemical reactions between water and various compounds in the cement. This process begins immediately after the mixing of all ingredients. Ready mix concrete is mixed at a batch plant and transported by truck in a rotating drum to the job site: therefore the curing process is already underway during travel time. This minimizes the time available for finishing, and sometimes, requires the addition of extra water to maintain concrete with enough fluidity for pouring, which reduces its strength. Because your concrete is mixed right at the job site, your concrete is Always Fresh. It also has a more plastic texture for superior workability and allows you the maximum finishing time. Unlike ready mixed concrete, there is no need to add extra water to keep it fluid, assuring you the correct strength your job requires.

 Concrete Delivery ASAP

Concrete Delivery Trucks Mix Fresh High Quality Concrete At Your Job Site So You

Never Buy More Than You Need !

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 A Batch Plant on Wheels

We carry all the ingredients for ready mix concrete (sand, rock, cement and water) in separate compartments on our truck. Gates are set at the outlet of the sand, rock and cement compartments, allowing the proper amount of each to drop onto a conveyor belt. This continuously moving belt transports the material to the rear of the truck where water is added as it enters a rotating auger, which mixes all ingredients together while it travels down toward the chute where it emerges as fresh concrete.

Eliminate Costly Under or Over Ordering:


Our modern, environmentally friendly trucks can carry material to produce as much as 10 yards of concrete. We simply stop mixing when the job is complete - eliminating waste and saving you money.



Increase Workability:


We can adjust the mix slump, provide a fast or slow setting mix and adjust PSI strength in a matter of seconds, giving you quality on-site concrete to match a wide variety of needs.

Accurate and Consistent:


Metered delivery means you get the right mix for the right environment in the right quantity!

Need Pumping Service? One call does it all.


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